The Castle Cellars


Olbram Zoubek


Olbram Zoubek was born in April 1926 in the Prague district named Žižkov. The arrival of a new teacher of creative art at the Prague vocational school, at which students began to learn sculpture instead of drawing, was an important step in his career as a sculptor. The young Olbram found a talent for this art within himself and decided to take up sculpture as a career. On finishing education shortly after the War he applied for a place at the Academy of Creative Arts, but was not admitted. However, he got to the School of Arts and Industrial Design , which in the end proved to be a stroke of luck as a number of renowned artists were teaching at there at the time. Olbram Zoubek was assigned to the studio of Professor Josef Vágner, who brought together only the most talented artists into his group. One of these students was Eva Kmenová, who later became a world-renowned sculptor and also Olbram's first wife.

Josef Vagner also taught his students restoration and this was a great gift which Zoubek used throughout his life. In fact, he publically disagreed with the communist regime and therefore was unable to work freely, or to exhibit and sell his works, hence restoration became his main source of income. He worked on the restoration of the sgrafitto in the ball room at Prague Castle and, based on this experience he was commissioned to restore the outer wall decorations on Litomyšl Castle. His time spent working outside the capital was meant as a punishment of some kind, a period of exile, but it was also a happy period. He worked here with similarly-affected colleagues, the excellent artists Zdeněk Palcr, Václav Boštík and Stanislav Podrázský. Together they restored the original castle sgrafittoes, and also had the opportunity to use their artistic license in those parts that were not preserved, thanks to which the Litomyšl Castle is not only a wonderful renaissance monument, but is also a huge gallery of modern art by illustrious Czech artists. During the 17 seasons of work in progress, Olbram Zoubek got married for the second time in Litomyšl and lived between Prague and Litomyšl, therefore he donated his sculpture collection, built up throughout his life, to this exhibition in the castle cellars. Olbram Zoubek passed away on 15th June 2017.


List of exhibitions sculptures: 
1958 Victims
1958 Polana
1958 Jasan 
1960 Hands towards the Sun
1961 Scaffolding Builder
1961 Hands with the Sun 
1961 Cheerful Construction
1963 Dying Man
1963 Winner
1963 Messenger
1965 Pillar I (Boys') - Kuros
1965 Pillar II (Girls') - Kora
1965 Ivo Loos
1965 Jiří Malátek
1966 You 
1966 I
1966 Three Walkers
1966 Boundary Mark
1966 Furrow
1967 Walkers Greeting Each Other
1967 Father, Mother and Son
1968 Snake with a Wing
1968 Dream of a Snake
1968 Snake
1970 Walker 
1970 Prometheus
1970 Genius of the Nation
1971 Scientific and Technological Revolution

1971 Adam, Eve and the Serpent
1971 The Father of Fathers, the Mother of Mothers and the Son
1971 The Guards (Jan Palach, Jan Zajíc)
1972 The Runner
1972 Prometheus
1973 Family 3: Eva 
1973 Family 3: Olbram
1973 Family 3: Jasan
1973 Family 3: Polana
1976 Standing Lady
1976 Striding Young Man
1976 Standing Lady
1984 Lady Standing Up
1984 Body of a Lady Lying Down
1984 Kuros' Body
1984 Torso of a Welcoming Lady
1984 Torso of a Lady
1984 Body of a Kora with Drapery
1984 Lady with Falling Hair
1985 Breast and Shoulders of a Fighter from Aulis
1985 Fighter from Aulis
1985-86 Stentor the Messenger
1985-86 Lady from Chalkis
1985-86 Menelaus
1985-86 Clytemnestra
1985-86 Agamemnon
1985-86 Iphigenia 

1985-86 Achilleus
1985-86 Phoenix the Old Man
1985-86 Achaeans
1985-86 Talthybius - the Priest 
1986 František Husák in the Role of Agamemnon
1986 Jan Přeučil in the Role of Menelaus
1988 Clytemnestra the Queen
1989 Iphigenia before the Sacrifice
1989 Recreationers
1990 Falling Man
1990 Stricken Man
1991 Warped Torso
1991 Degression
1991 Eva the Elderberry Soul
1992 Vladimír
1992 Olbram!
1992 The Other River Bank
1992 Zdena
1992 Alena
1992 Čestmír
1992 Mirek
1993 You and I
1995 Annunciation
1995 Hynek, Vilém, Jarmila!
1996 Sergej
1998 Libuše
1998 With Zdeněk
1998 With Jindřich





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